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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Looe music festival: The Looe=Nattics are running the asylum!

As my friends will know I am certainly not a party pooper and I am a great music fan but this charade that goes under the banner of a festival that displays love for Looe is going too far. 
I speak with local traders, residents and officials and many are disturbed at what this event has become! The town is being taken over as I write with yellow high vis waist-coated people who are wandering around directing workmen to fence off the beach to what appears to be a greater extent than ever before. Their vehicles are it seems above the law because workmen go by driving whilst on the phone and seat belts seem to have gone out of fashion. These people if true to last years form will soon be telling me that I cannot drive into town and park my car where I pay ridiculous fees per year to the authorities which gives me the right to park there any time that I wish. That is of course until the all important FESTIVAL comes to town under the guise that it makes vital money for the local traders at the end of the season. I have actually met few traders who would agree with that sentiment.

Older folks are worried by some of the characters on the street and also the unfair noise that is allowed until ridiculous-o'clock in the morning!

I have to say that Bryan Ferry the geriatric rocker from Roxy Music days is a great attraction to my equally geriatric music tastes but there is little else that rocks my boat other than of course Looe's very own Huckleberry Finns who are excellent musicians and nice people. I have even spoken to younger and in between people who are equally dis-enamoured by the line up. Who are the majority of these musicians? And do they love Looe?
There was recently an appeal for funds for our very own excellent fireworks displays on New Years Eve, if some of these extremely wealthy entertainers really loved Looe perhaps they might put a decent donation into the pot for the inconvenience that they are making for the town. I would also suggest that the stewards who are currently annoying a number of townsfolk might just pass the "hard hat" (which seems to be missing from the construction sites!) round for a nice little donation. Oh well I have always been a dreamer! Imagine if there were no music festivals in town centres how much inconvenience could be saved. 

The Lennon song speaks of imagining if there is no heaven! Well now we are in my business, to some this festival is heaven and I truly hope that they thoroughly enjoy it and give old Bryan  a good old cheer for me! But as they enjoy it take a thought for those to whom it is hell, we do not all like the same things, those who love this scene are so quick to tell me to be accommodating but I wonder if they would be so accommodating to me if I were to practice my sermon across the loud speakers of the main stage at 5:30 when I will be about my final preparations for church after a sleepless night due to my accommodating spirit! Imagine that!

Oh well I have always been a dreamer.

The best answer is a bed and breakfast far away from Looe, can anyone suggest something nice and quiet where I can rue the fact that I will not be there for Bryan? In my dreams he might miss my support but they are that same dreams that I have of him supporting our firework display!


I leave the Asylum for a few days in the hopefully safe hands of the Looe=Nattics.

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