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Saturday, 26 March 2016

My Easter question from Looe.

Easter 2016

Why, why, why?

That is often a question we ask when perplexed by events. It may be that you are asking currently; why, why, why did the celebrities act so badly? Why, why, why were the religious extremists so evil? There are many such why, why, why questions to be asked. One such question has been asked for 2000 years now.

Why, why, why?

Why did the Lord Jesus Christ die on a cross? That truly is a perplexing question but the answer is easily found. The bible gives us the answer and it is to be found in the person of Jesus Christ.

Who is He?

The Bible tells us that He is God the Son who is creator and sustainer of all of the universe. That being true we find that the account of Jesus' life leads us to His death at the time of year that we call Easter.

Why, why, why?

Why did He die? Before we can answer that question we need to ask:
If Jesus is God, how could He die?”
The truth of the matter is that He could never die unless He had become human. That is why Christmas is so important to us. Before His birth an angel declared that He would be called Immanuel which simply means “God with us.” Jesus became a man and lived on this earth and that is how He could die.


Why did He die? That in itself is a perplexing question.
He died because mankind is sinful!
Why should Jesus Christ die because man is sinful? Ever since the time of Adam and Eve man has broken God’s moral code by living his life in the way that he wants rather than the way that God desires. God’s way is righteousness and our way is rebelliousness or as the bible describes it SIN! Sin separates us from God; He is angry at sin and promises that it will be punished. Therefore it is impossible for man to be with God in heaven.


God is not satisfied with that situation. He loves mankind and does not want any to be separated from Him. Therefore He sent Jesus to be a substitute. Jesus lived a perfect life in order that He might take the punishment that we deserve; and in return that He might give us what we do not deserve which is His righteousness!


What happens to Jesus on the cross is that the Good becomes Bad. Jesus became the sin of all who will put their faith and trust in Him. On the cross He carried all of our guilt, blame and punishment. It was a painful day for Him but paradoxically it was certainly a GOOD FRIDAY for both Him and all believers.
He gave His life in order that we escape God’s wrath and now in us God sees Christ’s righteousness. Sin is forgiven and heaven is accomplished by faith in Him. The bible tells us that our sin is totally forgiven as far as the east is from the west!

That is good news!

Now I have a why, why, why question for you:

Why, why, why?

Why do you not trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins?

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