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Monday, 7 March 2016


I have recently been looking at some of the communities on Google+ whilst I have been somewhat incapacitated by a sore foot. It has been enlightening in many ways. I have been in contact with Christians all over the world and have been blessed by much of what they say but there is a dark side to some of the Christian sites. One in particular is constantly attacked by followers of what is known as the New Atheists. There is nothing new about them or their arguments but they are rabid haters of all things Christian. They claim that they are against all theists as they like to call us, but they never post their blasphemies on Muslim sites! ( I think I know why but that is for another forum.)
They talk about freedom of speech but then pillory anybody who dare to disagree with them. They are predominately male and more often than not homosexual. They are however followers of trickydickydawkins and Christopher Hitchens and so come up with foolish descriptions of God and poor history of truth.

We claim to be in a free country where we are all entitled to our opinion as long as it is not illegal but these rabid attackers are intent on ridding the world of believers in God. Some even align themselves to Hitler's views. it is quite frightening. The internet is a wonderful tool but there is much about it that is dangerous. i would not believe what some of these characters say from behind their so called avatars which are usually some cartoon character or superhero (whatever that might mean.)

Winston Churchill was absolutely right in his comment, these folks are outraged at bible concepts but justify 53 million abortions as a woman's rights and more.

I believe in freedom of speech and that includes those who disagree with me but we all have a right to an equal freedom. That means that if I disagree with somebody then it is not hatred of them to tell them of my disagreement. that is simply human choice and responsibility.

I have tried with some of thefolks on Google+ to be reasonable in disagreement but they are focussed on their quest which is to evangelise the Christian sites by their bombardment with their pseudo science and trust in evolution and rationale. It is impossible to reason with them


They are all part of the human race which means that they are in need of redemption. They do not know it but they most need that which they most attack. they need to know the love of God found by faith in His Son who died that all who will believe in Him will find the true meaning of life and so for that reason I will continue to follow the Christian sites on Google+

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