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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Now let the New Year begin:

Out with the old and in with the new is the motto of all New Years Eve! As we wandered around Looe and watched others passing by our window one thing constantly came to mind:

There was a town full of people wandering aimlessly all day long waiting for just one second in time.

It all began around 10:00 in the morning with just 14 hours to go. At that time the weather was being very kind which was most unusual for this El Nino and Jet Stream controlled winter. There was a clear air of expectancy but yet people were wandering aimlessly.

Looe is a lovely place but I do wonder what on earth one can do for 14 hours when the beach is not available. Even as a coffee-holic I could not spend more than an hour or two wandering the streets. There is a limit as to haw many coffee shops and cafe's that you can afford to frequent as we all await the bewitching hour of midnight!

In my humble opinion this is the very best in Looe: Thanks Martin for your coffee!

The shops are great but there is a limit as to how much time you can spend trailing from one to the other!

You can buy all that you really need in the Co-op's (yes we have 2!) and at the fish and fruit market.

There are the toys and trinkets shops that attract the customers in.

And of course the restaurants that point the way to gastronomic satisfaction:

There was much available but very little to do. There was no street entertainment just a constant wandering of thousands of people all waiting for one split second that makes all of the difference. You see tomorrow would be 2016 and that is what it was all about!

The change was about to be brought about by a count-down from 10 seconds and then a brief Happy merry new, a snog for the lovers and a very worthwhile aerial display of pyrotechnics that always leaves ma jealous of those who can make such magnificence! 

But what is it all about? 

A moment for reflection as I wandered along with the multitudes reminded me:

New Year is a time to remember. There have been good times and bad times. A very dry and warm April, a summer that really did not get going as far as the weather was concerned.The warmest and wettest December on record. Babies were born, people died. Illnesses came and went. Wars never ceased terrorists played havoc. There were smiles and tears, marriages and divorces. In fact all was pretty normal really. There were lots to remember about 2015 but so much to forget! 

There is a book in the bible written by King Solomon, in it he writes that all is futile, a chasing after the wind. Things come and go and all of us are in that number. there is not one of us that can know if we are going to make it to  2017. 
Happy New Year!!!!!
 Am I being depressing?
There was something else that I saw on my wanderings:

Nobody seems to know why it is there but on the side of the fish market is this illuminated cross. Solomon in his writing of Ecclesiastes (the book the I referred to earlier) was depressed when he looked at all that was happening in the world around him. he could only see difficulties.


When He looked up and considered God then all things were good. Why not look up more this year and consider what God has done for you and me.  Life is more than just one second in time but life can be changed an a moment. Eternity can be gained or lost. That cross on the side of the fish market says it all:

Love came down at Christmas as Jesus was born. 
Love was displayed at Easter when Jesus died. 
Love is on offer to all who will look up at Him who died on the cross!
Why not take a moment out of your busy schedule and consider what the purpose of Christ's coming is all about?

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