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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A winter break!

Over a number of years now we have taken our main holiday in January or February. After a period of illness we had a winter break and enjoyed the benefit of holidaying in the dark winter days. I personally prefer to go somewhere sunny and warm. The vitamin d taken in by the rays of the sun really bring brightness into our life.

Since taking our main holiday in the winter we have been  to such places as Vietnam, Sweden (including the Arctic circle), India, Teneriffe and Majorca. We have also had a number of breaks in Wales. Each holiday has had it's own special highlights and I could wax lyrical about them forever.
Vietnam was spectacular.
My favourite photo of the holiday:

Hard working woman:

Amazing sunrise over Mui Ne Beach

It doesn't get better than this!

Teneriffe is always relaxing:

There is always time to take inspiring photo's

India was manic but wonderful:

Some old feller I met at the airport!

In the Himalaya: who would have believed it?

Fantastic company.

And finally Sweden:


Amazing experience

The best picnic ever 

Pam and her mate Guben

I love my winter break! But what of this year? Will it be the Bahama's or some exotic place?
Let me show you what my winter break is this year. Get ready for it. I hope that it will not leave you too jealous!

I have a broken foot, a fractured cuboid bone!!

That means feet up for a while and time to reflect or book up somewhere as soon as is possible.
This is the day that the Lord has made, I am doing my best to rejoice and be glad in it. thanks to all who are so supportive for you prayers and help in our time of need.

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