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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Re-building a right foundation.

I cannot believe that it is now my fifth month as Pastor of the Mustard Seed Evangelical Church in Callington and this is my first post about the church. It might be hard to believe but it is not surprising considering all that has been going on.
This public forum is not the place to reveal what has been happening over the last few months as much of it has been deeply personal and very painful to all that have been involved. 
The church called me to be pastor in May and held an induction service (simply put this is a recognition service) where together before God we recognised that together with His help we would work together as the church.

The above picture to some might appear a bit spooky but all that is happening is that respected leaders of various churches are recognising that this is God's appointment and are praying for the work here at the Mustard Seed and the part that I will take in the ongoing ministry of the church. Without the help of God and the support of His people the church will never prosper and so prayer is vitally important.

J.K.Rowling is a great example of somebody who hung on in there in desperately difficult days and has from great difficulty has been able to rebuild her life. The church reached a very low ebb at the end of 2014 when we became involved but God is good and He loves His church and is building a people for His glory that we call the Mustard Seed. 

How does a church go about raising up when the people are so downcast? On my first Sunday I felt it necessary to begin a series of sermons from Acts of the Apostles called "Building a right foundation" where we are learning lessons from the infant church of the New Testament. The Apostles were being re-commissioned by the Holy Spirit and were having to come from rock bottom to victorious followers of the risen and ascended Lord Jesus. They were now about building His church and so Luke records a wonderful history of how it all took place. Acts is not a paradigm of how church should be but simply a history that reveals the high and low points of the emerging church of Jesus Christ.
What we have most learned is that as we move forward and seek to be more Godly then opposition is always heightened. It is then that we need to be resolved. The devil will not let go of the damage he has caused easily and so will in every way that he can cause grief for the people of God. 

We all agree that the past has been difficult and that there are issues that are still in need of resolution but if we keep on looking backwards we will stumble and fall therefore yet another line is drawn in the sand and we are determined by God's grace to move forward. Scripture is full of wonderful promises of blessing if we look forward and to Jesus only and so we are looking at what can be for the church. We are well aware that the promises of God are that He will bless His people but that His blessing is not our wants. we would want many things but what we need is what he has ordained for us. 


We are praying and studying the bible and seeking the way in which He would have us go. there are some very practical issues that first need attending to. Our building had fallen into disrepair and needs some re-vitalising attention and so we have had a good old clear out and have cleaned and are continuing to do so. The entrance into the building is awkward and somewhat dangerous for any with even minor mobility problems and so we are embarking upon re-siting the entrance and making it not only easy access but also attractive and welcoming. This is something that most thought would never happen but is now in progress! 

We are moving forward!

Pray with us and for us that God will be our motivating force, our guide and that all will be for His glory and the benefit of the gospel here in East Cornwall.

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