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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Looe Music?????? Festival

It is now 1:15 Saturday morning and the festival has been on the go approximately 9 hours. I first experienced the festival 2 years ago and was pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere and the excellent way in which it was organised. Last year I was away and so this is my second experience.

The two experiences could not be different.  Leading up to the start the townspeople of looe have had to put up with arrogant organisers who have no problem in driving their trucks and vehicles down one way streets the wrong way, the police and traffic wardens ignoring people parking in ridiculous places sometimes two abreast opposite the  entrance to the Quay car park. People who legitimately have to drive through the town have been attacked and told by pedestrians that they have no right to be there. Some residents have gone away because they cannot cope with the noise and mess that the festival brings. 

I am not naturally a moaner But!

This weekend has become a monster.

There is a pretence made that the festival gives a boost to the local traders. Ask the folk in the "bucket and spade"  shops about that. The only businesses that are boosted are the cafe's and pubs and even they are somewhat compromised by the vast array of outside caterers who have gained pole position and have squeezed our faithful businesses into the background. They may well do better but at what cost. The mobile food joints are peddling their overpriced and underwhelming wares and swanning off with the so-called boost for Looe.

I suppose the council will rake off a tidy sum as will the Quay and Harbour people, the rest of us are simply compromised and all in the name of music. anybody that knows me recognises that I love a vast variety of music. The Huckleberry Fins (above) as on other occasions opened the festival and I have to say well done to them. I loved your rendition of Breathe! This was followed by some run of the mill band and later on the Proclaimers who in my estimation are good for 2-3 songs and then you have heard it all. A couple of hours of that caused me to turn on our television, only the second time in 12 months! The Rugby settled my nerve and cause me to reflect.

Does it really matter that the beach is almost inaccessible?
Does it really matter that I cannot walk along the banjo Pier as is my custom?
Does it really matter that I have had to put up with some kind of "Umpah band" playing what is best described as a cacophony of discord less that 30 feet from my very sleepy head?

Does it really matter that revellers are now entering into the Admiral Boscarn and will be kicked out onto the streets in an hours time with a belly full of ethanol and whatever else was available? 

Does it really matter that at 1:30 am there are people outside of my window shouting expletives and arguing at levels that make your ears bleed?

Does it really matter that the road to home is closed from 6:00 -12:00 midnight, locking me either in or out?
Does it really matter that I have to work on Sunday and cannot return home until after midnight and that I am going away before 7:00 the next morning?

Does it really matter that I am now getting out of this madness tomorrow and having to pay for bed and breakfast because the council, the harbour commission, the love Looers, the singers in the rock and roll bands and all and sundry are exercising their rights to hold this festival on my very doorstep?

Of course it does not matter because who am I and the other residents of this little town? Our rights are not taken into account. We really do not matter in the grand scheme of things!

I am so grateful that somebody loves Looe but what about the residents. Do they love the people or just the coffers that come in?

I will tell you that Jesus loves you and He also loves the festival goers and organisers. Instead of the chaos of discord He brings peace to hearts and souls of all who will call on His name and in this:

My Rant is Over.

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