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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Looe raft race 2015

The day started off dismal, a typical British summer's day. Grey, wet and miserable, it looked like there would be no end to the clouds. Who believes the forecast when it says that the sun will come out mid-afternoon? Our weather seems to have the capability of wrecking most of what we plan!


The forecasters were right, the weather changed from bad to glorious in time to make this annual event to be a wonderful success. The race began on schedule which is in itself something of a marvel for this part of the world.

In no time at all the rafts started appearing along the quay, they had already negotiated the sea and the Banjo pier and now a straight race up river to the bridge and back. 

Some crews took it very seriously whilst others had entered for the sheer fun of the event and the adrenalin rush of the possibility of an early bath.

The crowd were enthusiastic and supportive of all. My particular favourites were the Viking boat and the double bed. the youngsters rowing the Viking boat deserve praise for stickability, they were no where near being last but their enthusiasm did not wane at all. Well done to them.

The couple from the bed and breakfast that sailed their ingenious craft were a long way down in the race order but way up in my estimation for fun factor. Again a well done to you.

Grace Community Church made the effort and proved that Christians are allowed to have fun and to enter into community events. I am proud of you for joining in and even though you did not have the fastest craft, to me it was the only one that might have tempted me to join the crew.  Proper seats on a raft made of old barrels, wood and string was really a bonus. 

All did a great job and provided me with a good hour or two of free entertainment. 

Thank you to all that joined in and to the organisers for arranging the event. I am already looking forward to next years event.

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