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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Watoto Children's Choir visits Looe.

Grace Community Church Morval were hosts tonight to a children's choir from Uganda. The choir is one of five currently touring around the world. Each choir is made up of children who have been orphaned and give a home in the Watoto complex which houses up to 3000 ish children at a time. Each child is apportioned an adopted Mother (usually a widow who has young children of their own) and is part of a family grouping of 8 children. It is all overseen b the big 35,000 strong Watoto Church.

The mission of the church is to make Christ known in the community and to care for widows and orphans alongside all who are vulnerable or have needs. They believe as the Apostle james teaches that faith without works is dead formality but that works without faith is simply social action. They are therefore keen to promote their work with orphans and are unashamedly on a mission worldwide to make their work known to a wider audience. This will then spur Christians to pray for them and for people to financially support them. There is a scheme that is available for individuals to sponsor a child for 23 pounds per month!

All of the children are orphans but from their faces as they sang and danced their way through the concert you would never know. I saw more happiness tonight on these childrens faces than I ever do walking around our streets where we are in comparison so well off. 

Thier enthusiasm was amazing, their faith strong. When did we last see one of our children delighted to praise the Lord???? And then to tell the world about Him? The were brilliant at quoting the bible and they literally pointed to the Saviour they love by their very character. They have been rescued by Christians from fear, uncertainty and loneliness and have been set in families. They have been born again by the Spirit of God and raised to new life, yes all of them profess to be committed to Jesus Christ! They have also been rebuilt into the church of jesus Christ. That is their testimony and it is the desire of Watoto Church for all of the orphans of Uganda but also for the nation itself and on into the African continent. With their love and enthusiasm I can well believe that much could happen through these youngsters.

I would like to thank Sheila Lyle and Grace Community Church for making this opportunity possible. Sadl it was late when it was discovered they were visiting and so advertising was sparse. A good number turned up and I am sure that all went away thrilled, inspired and challenged. At least pra for this work and support in our prayers and if you feel that you can financially.

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