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Friday, 8 May 2015

VE Day 70 year celebrations in Looe

Yesterday was a momentous day for me as a Brit. It was general election day, the day when the electorate have their chance to make comment upon the political class. Being a good citizen I went along to the polling station to apply my graphite cross next to my favoured candidate. Mission accomplished and not even an exit polster in sight to have a bit of banter with. 

The polling station is next to the Barber's shop which just happened to be empty and so the swift decision was made to have my hair sorted out! Dennis did a wonderful job and now I look a little more presentable. That made 2 things accomplished and all before 10:00 am

Hairdressers always have something helpful to tell you about and this impromptu visit was not a disappointment . You will have to pardon my ignorance but I did not know that today was to be the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe day. The day when that evil 2nd world war finally came to an end. The news that I had was that there were to be celebrations and the lighting of the Looe beacon tonight on the 8th May 2015. I wanted to be there but there was a few other things to be sorted out first.

The rest of the country had to vote, we all had to listen  media forecasts as to who will or will not form the next government. They spoke with such confidence but all turned out to be false prophets. Why on earth do we keep falling for their incessant gibberish. It was going to be impossible for the Conservatives to be re-elected but they were.

As is my wont on such occasions, I sat in front of the tv at 9:55pm and watched the close of polling live!! (I do have an exciting life!) I remained there until almost 5:00 am by which time it was quite clear that the media pundits were yet again completely wrong and Mr cameron was heading back into Number 10 with a clear majority. 

Today saw the resignation of three leaders of the main political parties, they fell on their swords  because their parties did not achieve what they had hoped for. What an exciting day! I actually feel very sorry for the Liberal Democrats who I believe sincerely joined the conservatives for the better good of the country and have now been unfairly treated by the electorate.

But the main event for me was the small but powerful celebrations of Victory in Europe 70 years ago. The celebration almost passed by without notice. the weather was typically unkind but the lighting of the beacon went ahead nonetheless. Before the fire was started there was the town crier's announcements, a speech from a member of the British legion and a statement of remembrance from the Lord Mayor. The beacon was lit we all enjoyed the spectacle and went home for the evening.

What was it that was so momentous?

70 years ago freedom was accomplished, the ultimate price had been paid by millions. The enemy was finally defeated. If that had not been the case then all that happened yesterday and overnight would not have been the case. We owe what we are to the boldness of past leaders, the bravery of the armed forces and the grace of God. Why do I include the grace of God? Well it was whilst the church was praying for victory that Germany was finally defeated. god answered prayer and we now live in the benefit of His grace.

The sad thing about tonight was the Lord Mayor's speech which rightly reminded us to remember all those that were involved in the war effort but he forgot to remember God who brought it into being! I am saddened by our country's lack of care towards God. I just pray that Mr Cameron will seek God as he attempts to lead our very precious country.

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