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Monday, 25 May 2015

Nana's response:

After reading the poem "the computer swallowed Grandma" by Valerie Waite, nana Pam to our grandchildren (or wifey to me) was inspired to write this:

Don't worry about your Granny

I hear you've lost your granny
and thought that you should know
It wasn't just an accident
she really meant to go.

She spent long years providing
everything that you did need
and now she's taking her turn,
Such desires, she needs to feed.

She saw ad's on the computer
offering 'OVER 60's FUN'
and packed her little ruck sack
for adventures in the Sun.

She waited in her armchair
Computer primed, and ON
and pressed CONTROL and ENTER
In a moment she was gone.

She flew across to Europe
Walked round Paris, climbed the Tower
Don't worry for her hygiene
The Hostel has a shower.

She backpacked through the countries
viewing mountains, cities, plains.
Don't worry, She's not walking
She goes by bus and trains.

She went across to Africa
to Kruger National Park
Saw, Rhino, Lion, and Buffalo
and Heard Hyaenas bark.

Whilst canoeing on a river
she saw some croc's asleep.
Don't worry none will eat her
She spends most time in a Jeep.

On Thailand’s sunny beaches
she basked on sun-kissed sand
Don't worry about the scorching heat
there's Sun Cream close at hand.

Off trekking on an elephant
through the Jungle in Dalat
Don't worry about mosquitoes
she has repellent and a hat.

Then on, to India's continent
A long and tiring lap
Don't worry how she'll find her way
she's got compass and a map

She toured Bazaars and temples
Himalayas, Taj, and Dheli
don't worry what she's eating
She's been careful with the curry.

Don't worry about her safety
she's always in by dark

She had a go at Rodeo
and wrestled with a cow.
The bruises were quite minimal
those Cowboys showed her how.

In Lapland’s farthest regions
she saw the Northern lights
Don't worry about the biting cold
She has her thermal tights.

On Dog Sled fast and furious
She sped across the snow.
Don't worry about her getting lost
The dogs know where to go.

Whales, ice, bright stars, and falling snow
Gran travels with great ease
don't worry about her comfort.
She has tent, and poles, and skis

Your Gran is quite amazing
She has adventures by the score
She's Bungee Jumped, and Gorge walked
Trekked through deserts, and much more.

I'm sure you'll find your Granny
'though one thing you'll never know
Did she REALLY press wrong button?
Or escape through Googles door?

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