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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Seeking Allah - Finding Jesus.

This is not my title but the title of a book that I recently read by Dr. Nabeel Qureshi.

This is an amazing account of the life of a young man who was devout in his faith. Brought up in a loving family who taught Nabeel the ways of Islam. The Quran and worship were the focal point of life for Nabeel. He was totally convinced that he followed the one true faith and that anything other than Islam was wrong.

Due to his father's career the family moved from country to country, spending some time in the UK and also U.S.A. In both countries the young Nabeel rubbed shoulders with those who professed to be Christians but when he challenged them concerning their beliefs they could not  stand up to his scrutiny. This confirmed his  own piety and gave him reason to believe all that he had been taught of the bible and Christianity. He believed it to be a religion based on a book containing many errors and worshipping a man as God. To Nabeel that was blasphemy which was added to by polygamous worship of three god's who merge into one.

It became nabeel's quest in life to convert Christians from idolatry to Allah. It is a sad reality that all christians that he met did not sufficiently know their bibles, their doctrine or church history to be able to stand up to nabeel's dogma. that is until he went away to university where he shared a room with fellow student David. 

Nabeel was shocked on their first night to see David kneeling in prayer. he had met a young Christian who was equally devout but who also knew what and why he believed. we might think that this would be recipe for disaster but it was the foundation of a firm and lasting friendship. They talked and debated much, studying their respective faiths in order to convert one another to the truth.

nabeel took it to himself to study the Quran and Islamic tradition, doctrine and history  in order to prove to David that Islam is the one true faith. He had to compare all of his findings with the bible and Christian doctrine. over a period of time Nabeel was shocked to find Jesus as Lord.

You must read this amazing testimony in order to fill in the gaps. It is not a simple read, Nabeel is an academic and so his arguments are thorough and require mental and spiritual concentration but it is a vital read for us to understand the Muslim's mindset. It is very well worth the effort to sit and read. At the end of it you will have a much better understanding as to why Muslims act towards Christians as they do.

Another result will be that it will make you want to articulate your faith more fully as these two young men did. Sadly they are unusual amongst modern young people. Young Christians to me seem to be more interested in trifling with the faith rather than understanding what we really believe as Christians and why we believe it!

The church is so focussed on worship and worship style that it has lost sight of the need of clarity. we send young people off to learn the finer points of music but they are largely ignorant of the depth and breadth of the knowledge of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Thank you Dr. Qureshi if you ever come across this poor attempt at a book review.

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