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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mama J's welcome to Looe

We live directly opposite Mama J-s Italian Kitchen and have been more than interested in the development of Julia and Guy's new venture. Of course there is even greater interest for me due to the building having formerly being the Rusty Bucket. 

I have tried to keep a keen interest that is not in any way interfering or even gloating over what has gone. I make no pretenses in saying that my experience with the Rusty Bucket was unfortunately not entirely happy. I have many great friends from  my time there but was  extremely disappointed in the way that some Christians ran a business. That having been said it was the vehicle that God has used to bring us to Cornwall and as such we are delighted more and more to be part of the wonderful community of Looe.

We first met Julia and Guy when my friend and I were able to help them lift their Freezer from the ground floor to the flat. From that time on they have kept us informed of changes and even allowed us to go to the opening night of the restaurant. to them that night was a bit of a disaster but we still enjoyed being a small part of this new venture.

With new signs put up on the wall Mama J-s opened but within a short space of time somebody hit the signs with their van and have left them damaged. I hope that the driver is ashamed of himself for the hit and run.

We have just come back from a meal in the restaurant and am fully satisfied with the meal and the experience. This inspired me to take a few minutes to welcome Mama J's to Looe via my little blog. I am sure that Julia nor Guy will stumble across these musings but I do wish them well and a big thank you for changing the colour scheme from grotty orange and green to red and white which now matches perfectly the colour of the Banjo Pier.

Well done and welcome.

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