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Monday, 5 January 2015

Signs of things to come!

It is new year at last 2015 is here. We stood on the prom at midnight of the 31st December and it was not raining. It was warm and there was great excitement. All were waiting for the ringing  of the iron bell to herald the new year. It came unheard because something far more powerful took first place. The firework display which was excellent shouted happy new year louder and better than any parish chapel bell could ever do. 

People were out in their droves and largely out of their heads, most were dressed fancilly for the occasion. What is it about modern people that makes the men to dress as women or nuns and the women to dress either in very little or often as vicars. I am even more confused by the big guys who are happy to dress as a baby with a nappy (I am not American and so this term is good to me!) and dummy! Oh well mine is not to reason why!

The atmosphere was noisy but good the firework display was well appreciated and as such the organizers deserve a bigger thank you than this little blog can ever extend. 

But what did it all achieve?

Thankfully I did not have to endure the singing of indecipherable words about acquaintances being forgotten and some old geezer called Lang Zine! I never did understand the words nor the sentiment of this song. I make a great big apology to my Scottish friends and readers, I am after all simply a sassenach ( I canny  even spell that right!) and as such will probably never understand the importance new year has north of the border. I do wish you all a very happy one anyway.

It took about 2 hours for the last of the revellers to pass by our house and I suppose home to get themselves ready for the headache to come. Before that there were the customary hugs, kisses and gropes along with the absolutely sincere promises of undying love, care and affection the the whole world and it's donkey. Resolutions  made and almost certainly broken before bedtime and New year was all over again.

The next morning came, the street cleaners had waved their wand and as if by magic the evidence of partying was almost gone completely. Thank you to all of the workmen who were out before 7:00 am putting our town back in place. Shops and cafes soon opened, crowds returned to the streets and a completely loony set of people raced into the sea to swim around a buoy at the stroke of 11:00 am

I was there with trust Sony Alpha:

To me these folks are heroes, they not only put themselves in peril in the sea but they also raised money for the RNLI who were overseeing the proceedings and making sure that all were safe and secure. Again thank you for the entertainment and the wherewithal to get into that cold pond that we call the sea.

Coffee in by far the best coffee shop in Looe followed with a friendly 

to Martin the wonderful owner of Larsson's, if you have not been there you will find it in Buller Street and will not be sorry for the effort made.

All in all we had a great time but what difference has it made? 

None at all 2015 was in reality only a second away from 2014 and therefore cannot make that much difference but there was one thing that really encouraged me and that is the first photo on this posting. the little daffodils ( I am now expecting my horticulturist friends to tell me thy are jonquils or something!) in our front garden. They tell me that there is life after the gloom of winter and remind me to hang on to the hope of longer, warmer and sunnier days of spring and summer to come. The season will change and we will go through the whole life cycle again. Isn't that wonderful. Our creator god put it all in place and He encouraged me with this little splash of yellow in a grey winter desert.

Spring is only 10 weeks away and summer 22 weeks which means that autumn is 34 weeks away (approximately) and then winter follows in the cold drab days when we again look forward to the bright festivities of Christmas and New Year. Praise God for all of this and a very happy new year to you all.

Oh and by the way:

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