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Friday, 9 January 2015


It is amazing how light reflects from flat shiny surfaces. I have spent much of my professional life using light (and other forms of radiation) of varying wavelengths to analyse various chemicals and so it is no surprise that I am fascinated by lenses and reflections of all sorts. Winter is a wonderful time for reflections. The sun is low, leaves are almost non existent and so there is plenty of natural light at acute angles to reflect clearly and brightly. The above picture was taken of a puddle on the car park at Golitha Falls near Liskeard. Tarmac is transformed by a blue sky with white clouds and trees without leaves and here we have a glorious picture in a grotty grey car park.

As I have wandered about i have taken the opportunity to photograph some reflection in the most ordinary of settings:

A study window on a grey tiled wall is transformed

A bedroom window in a wall that badly need some redecoration detracts from the DIY issues.

The lifeboat station porthole reflects the necessity of their service!

The same lifeboat station reflects something of the fun of summer.

Reflections often bring brightness into drab surroundings but sometimes they are stunning and display something of the beauty of their surroundings. There are many opportunities that Looe affords for reflective photography (I just need to get out there more!) which makes it hard to pick one photo that displays a glorious landscape enhanced simply by reflected light:

Water is a great reflector but then so is the whole of creation, the bible tells us that creation reflects the glory of the Creator God and that nobody who lives in all of creation has any excuse to say that they have never seen anything of God.

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