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Monday, 29 December 2014

Good Day Looe

It says it all.

Nicely wrapped.

RNLI  Window


A real winter's morning.

Time to get the camera out.


They look better by daylight.

Low sunshine shadows.

Mist rising from the river.

Frost on a post.

Too cold for sunbathing.

Careful as you go.

Not the best seat in town.

Anyone for iced lava bread?

That's handy.

Good morning Looe!

A surprising place of rest.

Great window display for a charity shop.

My Grandchildren's favourite display.

Not all of the best of Looe is for public display.

An example of the artistry of the residents of Looe.

I cannot wait for the mania for blue Christmas decorations to be over!


Gary said...

Some beautiful images Pete. I'm with you on the blue decorations as well.

Peter Thatcher said...

Happy merry new to you and yours Gary

Gary said...

Right back at you!