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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Communication breakdown.

We have now lived in Seaway for 2 months and a bit and for most of that time we have been without modern communication. BT let us down miserably with promises of super-fast internet connections and more than super-slow service and lies beyond belief resulting in my cancellation of their system and moving to EE who it seems have been marginally better bu I am hopeful of them improving!!!??

This all reminds me of the classic Led Zeppelin titled communication breakdown!

That of course is a classic rock song concerning the breakdown of a relationship but the title speaks of my frustration over recent weeks.

I ended up with a mobile phone for some semblance of communication. The internet connection was so slow that it took up to 3 hours for the message of a simple e-mail to download and most of the time the signal was so poor that I would have been better without. I am glad to be rid of the wretched thing!!

Late last night the broadband connected and with the phone line having already been established we are now fully on the communication road. I can speak to friends, send and receive e-mails, write blogs and do all that is necessary on the internet. relief has come and so I am now up to date with current events in the lives of my friends. Praise God for good communications.

I have just heard the good news that our friends in Ogmore-by-Sea Evangelical church have tonight  voted to appoint Tony Nicholas to be their pastor after an 18 month interregnum. Great news!!!

In addition to this my great friends Alan and Lynne have become grandparents to twin boys today. It is wonderful to have communication. thank you at last EE for connecting me up!

there is a far more important communication that I am pleased to have and that is with God which has been made possible through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The bible teaches that we are born with a communication breakdown with God due to sin. That was dealt with by Christ Jesus on the cross and is made possible through faith and repentance to Him. 

Are you in of out of communication?????

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