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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Two weeks in Seaway.

The Lord Jesus Christ said that "foxes have their holes and birds have their nests but the Son of Man had nowhere to lay His head." Matthew 8:20

In nature home is often in the most surprising places. At times it might to others seem most inhospitable but to the occupants it is home where peace and security are at the forefront. 

We were blessed by living in the flat of the Rusty Bucket. It was large, light and airy! It had a good view from the patio windows which was even better from the balcony. Our house in South Wales was in an even more magnificent spot but that is another story maybe to be explored in an future blog!

We have now moved just over the road but everything is vastly different. No longer do we have to scale the 37 steps to home. No longer is it bright and airy. No longer can we sit and watch the sea do it's thing! 


We are at home. Everything is un-packed, the house is looking like the Thatcher residence. Pam is a great homemaker and so everything is now in it's place and we are settled. We have our home to come to and are just waiting for normal service to resume. Wherever we have lived so far the Lord has used our house for His purposes. In Coventry we were filled up every night with hoards of young people, many of whom now follow our Lord with some being in active service in the church. We are most grateful for those many years of wonderful experiences.

South Wales found us filling up with visitors from England (and many other countries) and also bible college students alongside church members. Our home was a retreat for many family and friends from all over the world.

We had a reasonable number of friends and family visit the flat but it was far more inaccessible due to the stairs. We are getting much older now and so are our family and friends. Arthritis and other associated pains are at the fore and 37 steps are an immediate downer to those with issues. We feel that we never really fulfilled our abilities whilst there because of this and also parking issues making getting to the flat at times almost an impossibility.

Now we are in Seaway and even though still in the same location it is easier access and so parking is more of an inconvenience and not the off putting issue it was formerly. It is home for us and so we believe a place of rest for others also. Please come and visit, our unwritten motto is that the home is for sharing. Why not share what God has provided for His people.

In this we are much better off than the Lord Jesus was whilst He lived here on earth. This world was not His home, He was just passing through because He had a purpose for all who will trust in Him. He sacrificed Himself in order to deal with the personal sin of all who will trust and believe in Him for the forgiveness of their sin. This world could never be His home, that was heaven and so He has returned home. he passed through earth and accomplished salvation and is now living once again in heaven where He is about the business of preparing a home for all of His people. Some might say that Jesus was homeless here but He was not. His home was always in heaven and so he was simply a stranger to this world who had come simply because He loved us to death!!

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