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Friday, 12 September 2014

Ian Paisley

Ian Paisley once famously said that one day it will be announced that "Ian Paisley is dead! Do not believe it" he will be more alive than ever and singing praises in the presence of the Saviour that he loved! Heaven is enriched by Dr Paisley's presence (I am sure the singing will be somewhat louder also!) and earth has lost a character that will never be replaced.

I a not a fan of all that Dr Paisley did, (politics and the pastorate to my independent English evangelicalism are not comfortable bedfellows) but for him it was right and who am I to question him? He was a warrior for the faith and liberty as he understood it in Ireland. Again I cannot comment too much on Irish politics but I do stand side by side him in his theology. He was a stalwart against the of Roman doctrine but by his amazing friendship with Martin McGuiness he did not stand against those who are members of the Roman church.

He was an amazing man and will be missed , the bullets did not get him, he has finished the race and has now received a welcome from the Lord Jesus Christ! I am sure that he would want me to ask all who might stumble across this simple little tribute if you also will receive a welcome into heaven.

Dr Paisley responded to the call of Christ in his teens, he repented and trusted in Christ alone for his salvation from then until 12th September 2014. Please pray for his family as they will greatly miss this giant of the faith.

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