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Friday, 22 August 2014

Red Arrows air show.

I just happened to hear the other day that the Red Arrows were about to pay an annual visit to Fowey (pronounced Foy) on Thursday evening. The local farmers of Polruan open their fields to visitors for a small donation to the charity box. From this superb vantage point it is possible to view the most incredible display by what I unashamedly claim are the very best pilots in the world.

Nine red jet planes come into view and from that moment on delight the crowds of onlookers with a display that truly amazes all that are there.

It seemed that every vantage point was filled with adoring fans of this most amazing team. The incredibly accurate and perfectly timed display left us all thrilled and full of pride that our lads are capable of such skillful flying. One friend even said that it was one of the most emotional experience that she had ever experienced. But it was only a few aeroplanes! 

Or was it??????

This was a display of working at the limit of his ability and thrilling an audience that is in need of great encouragement in days when everything else seems to be so sterile. I am sure that if the concept of a display team was suggested today that there would be so many different objections for some perfectly valid reasons but also for totally trite reasons also that there would never be a Red Arrows team today.

We are so grateful to our forefathers who started this wonderful Great British institution and long may it continue!

Well done the RAF I am proud of you!

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Great Pics