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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Past times.

We recently went along to the annual Morval Vintage Rally and saw the two cars displayed. they immediately brought many memories flooding into our minds. The top car is an Austin A30 which was my first car. It was a 1953 model for which I paid the grand sum of five pounds. It needed the engine to be re-furbished and so after removing it and stripping it down we set about a re-bore of the block, new piston rings and shell bearings along with new valves etc. All of this achieved before my 17th birthday upon which I learned to drive in this little 800cc car. It was a great experience but it caused me to remember the inspiration behind the project. My dad wanted me to know all about cars and this was a good grounding. as I looked at this little car my mind was filled with so many things, happiness and sadness mixed together, it reminded me of dad who I have missed so much for the last 38 years.

The second car is a mark 2 Singer Vogue, just like the one that I inherited from my father when he died in 1976.The colour is the same and as I looked at it I remember all of the great times we had with that car, it was in mint condition and an absolute beauty. but again I was plagued by mixed emotions, I have such great memories of him who made my ownership and understanding of these great cars possible. the Singer was something of a sacrifice in that it became mine because he died. 

There were many other blasts from the past in the rally, old steam engines which of course I do not remember but there were also road rollers which I do remember, Ford Zodiacs, Green Goddesses, mini's, Triumph heralds and e-type Jags etc, etc. It was a great day out and we enjoyed it with the family. It was good to see Riley with a Riley car, Nathaniel on the slide and Olivia as always enjoying her food. It was equally good to see Jo & Jim together along with Marie but of course Elaine and Niklas were missing. We had a precious day that was made even better by Donna (my niece) John and Issy being there. 

But the memories would not go away but I also could see that because my father lived then there is a whole family of great individuals that are his legacy and I am proud of them all. One day I will "pop off" myself and will leave behind a legacy for the future. I can only pray that for whatever reason my input might be seen to be helpful as my father's certainly is.

Of course human fathers are simply an echo of our Heavenly Father who has given so much more than we can ever imagine. All that we have and are and ever will be is due to His grace and favour! I certainly praise Him and thank Him for that. Do you????

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