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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Do I love Looe?

I have a problem when my Christian friends tell me that I must love Looe because I am really not too sure what they mean by that! There is much about the town that is very pleasant but do I love it?

There is much about the hustle and bustle of people but is that something that i should love?

There are also many things about Looe that are quite unlovely, there is drunkeness and violence on the street especially on Friday and Saturday nights. That is ugly and quite unlovely. 

Seagulls!!! Do I need to say more when the thieving and violent birds are swooping ripping food out of our children's hands?

There are so many things that enter into the equation and so it is worth considering some of the things that are good about Looe . It is said that every picture tells a story and so here are some Looe snaps that try to put into perspective what my thoughts are:

Reflections in the lifeboat station window. A time to reflect!

New Years Eve fireworks are a good reminder that we need not only to reflect but to celebrate and look forward.

The warning light on the Banjo Pier reminds me that a right direction is needed however old we might be. The seagull is simply a reminder that the enemy is always in attendance!

Not the prettiest table or the best china cup but the coffee within is superb from the best coffee shop in town! Larssons if you want to know. We all need something that wets our appetite.

Grotty steps can never take the beauty out of the flowers however hard they try. A reminder that we all live in a fallen world that can never take the beauty of the Saviour from us.

The Banjo pier, a dangerous walk if you do not watch where you are going. One step off the path and disaster, how this speaks of life!

Lovely sunshine, coffee (French) feet up and a relaxing time taking in the beauty of the view. Who said life is a drag?

People enjoying themselves and worshipping the sun, pity that it is not the Son!

Carnival time and the band is out gladdening the hearts of the people. The gospel clarion call needs to be made loud and clear.

"The heavens declare the glory of God" very loudly. Psalm 19:1

The stage is set for man to display his ability, all need to consider the works of God.

Each to his/her own dwelling place which reminds me of the place in eternity being made just for me>

The bridge that was built to unite two divided towns reminding me of the need of the gospel which unites man to God.

A calm and peaceful setting, peace with God is accomplished for us in Jesus Christ.

Reflect on these things.

There is much to love about Looe but there are also the things that are difficult: The seagulls, the brawling drunkeness, the noise but that is simply due to people having fun. In have decided that Looe brings fun to many people, it is the place of holidays and memories but most of all it is home to us and as such I am more than happy to belong. 

Do I love it?

I suppose I probably do but I need something to fulfill me and then I will not only live here but will truly belong. Looe needs a gospel presence it is the gospel that will make the difference but how can that happen?

They need a preacher but who is willing to go?

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