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Thursday, 31 July 2014

One of these days in Keswick.

I couldn't resist downloading this photo, it was taken in a moment of weariness after the most amazing drive through Langdale, over the Wrynose and Hardnott passes and then on to Whitehaven for a cheap lunch in Witherspoons (the only place we could find!) We then found our way to Buttermere for rest and photos where this one was snapped.

But how come we are now in the Lake District? 

We are amazingly blessed and have friends beyond compare. In a time of financial uncertainty we find ourselves yet again on holiday. This time we have been invited to join Janet and Duncan with their family for a time at the Keswick convention and for rest and relaxation and of course plenty of coffee. Sadly the convention has taken second place but time with new found friends is much appreciated.

I did go to hear Stuart Townend play a concert and was most impressed by his character and amazingly powerful and good words in the songs that he writes. I was also greatly surprised to fine that he is an older man. I expected a spotty youth and discovered a greying middle aged gentleman. 

I also went to hear Ravi Zachariah preach and was most challenged as to what my future holds. This world needs the church to be far better than it is and I am without excuse if i do not do my bit. I feel challenged at the superficiality of the British church especially when false religion is on the march and are attacking my brothers and sisters all around the globe. We fight and argue over trivialities as Christians are dying for the truth. Ravi thank you for the challenge, Lord make me fit for the work.

The Lord Jesus promised that because He was hated then that would also be true of His friends. sadly the church to which we belong here in the UK is more concerned at having a good time than it is to being faithful to the witness of the unadulterated gospel. we may be mocked for our apparent out of date faith but we are not hated because we are not as forthright with the whole counsel of God as the scripture teaches us to be and so as we enjoy our little gatherings our faithful brothers and sisters are paying for their faith with everything.

Do we even really concern ourselves with the plight of the church abroad or are we so selfish and content that we do not truly care for what they are going through?

Here I am in the most beautiful part of England, it is stunning in every way, i am so privileged to be here and to have the very nature around me singing the praises and glory of my God but yet I forget Him and His people so easily especially within the business of every day life and even more so within the politics of church!

holidays are wonderful things, conferences are inspiring but the Word of God is painful especially what God speaks so loudly. Britain needs a church that is clear in it's message. The church in difficulties needs our church to be truly concerned! God has called us to be faithful in word, worship, prayer and support but 


I took this photo outside of the cottage that we are staying in. It reminded me of the situation that the church finds itself in. The globe flower (perhaps Gary you will tell me what it is!?) is a bit like the earth. The bee on the right was busying itself gathering nectar to make sweet honey but it was surrounded by and under attack by many more wasps that wanted to prevent the bee being about it's service to it's fellow bees and also the wider world. The church has the Word of God which is sweeter than honey but the wasps of false religion hate the sweet Word and will do all in their power to prevent truth being declared!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Prince Charles comes to Looe:

Those who know me are fully aware that I am not really a Royalist but I am more of a confused or even compromising Republican. My head, heart and theology prefers a republican standpoint but my pragmatic and skeptical spirit likes the protection that the Royal family have given us form having a President Blair or any of the other recent leaders in complete control over our little island.

I have also been somewhat impressed by the way that the Queen has shown by her tireless efforts just how important her country is to her. She is not a “popularist” with spin doctors glossing over her glaring inconsistencies but she is the Matriarchal figurehead of our Great Britain. She clearly loves her country and her people.

Prince Charles has been pilloried for many years now by almost all of the population. He has gone down in history as a person who talks to his trees and of course as the one who ratted on the “wonderful??” Diana. Those things are part of who he is but what of the man?

I found myself talking to our neighbours as the security cars headed down our road followed by the Royal couple in their big black car. I was surprised that as the car went by with the Prince on the other side of the car, Camilla looked out of her window at us and said “hello!” The wife of the future King spoke to me.

Looe was as ready as was possible for the visit and as they went off towards their first duty at the lifeboat station I felt a blog coming on. If I had bothered (I didn't because my republican belligerence prevented me!) I would have had my camera and could easily have taken many personal photos of the couple, but I rely on using some from Google.


I was surprised at just how impressed with this short man that I was. To look at him he was ordinary pensioner but he is the King in waiting, the Prince of Wales. He is in our country the second most important person and I suppose one day soon will be the most important.

But he was so ordinary!

There was nothing about him that was special but he was attractive in personality which is certainly testified to by some of the accounts that I hear from those who work for him around Cornwall. He is a well respected man by many.

So what is it that impressed me?

I am always disappointed when I hear the stories presented by our “oh so reliable media!” of his indiscretions in his marriage, with his all embracing theology which has spawned his view that when he becomes king he will be “defender of faith” rather than of “the faith!” But yet he does so much for the country. It was he who challenged the awful architecture that Britain was guilty of in the 70's. The people hated what the architectural geniuses were producing and Charles was our spokesman. It was he who went to the people of Somerset during the floods and publicized their plight. When the politicians saw the criticism about to come their way they very quickly followed suit!

There are many ways in which prince Charles has spoken out for his people against protocol which I find somewhat surprising as a “fallen” republican.

This little older man who is Prince of little old Wales (which is very close to my heart) has impressed me greatly, not because of his power or looks or wealth but because he is genuine and in that he reminds me in a small way of the One who is the prince of Peace, who is perfect in every way and who loves and serves his people magnificently. It is of course Jesus my Saviour of whom I talk.

Who would have thought that a little old man passing by in car could point my thoughts to the King of kings?

Surprisingly on this occasion Prince Charles did!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Inspiration from a funeral!

It is amazing how the bible speaks to you in surprising circumstances. Today we went to the funeral of a friend's mother. The Pastor used Psalm 103 for his reading and text for his message but it caused my mind to wander and to consider just how far the east is from the west because David in this Psalm makes this vitally important point in verse 17:

As far as the east is from the west, so far does He remove our transgression from us!”

The first amazing truth is that God chooses to take away our transgressions: that is sins to you and I! As I have said many times in this blog: “our personal sin separates us eternally from fellowship with God and that it is by the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ that forgiveness is available to all who will repent and trust in Him alone in order that we might come into fellowship with Him.

But how much are we forgiven?

That was a most important question to David because he had sinned much. David had orchestrated the death on a man called Uriah in order that he might cover up the fact that he was having an affair with Uriah's wife and had made her pregnant. That means that David was a murderer and was clearly at odds to God's requirement of holiness. David did repent and sought forgiveness and as is promised in scripture he received it. If you want to see what a painful experience that was for David read Psalm 51.

Sin is forgiven to an amazing extent!

David said that it is forgiven as far as the east is from the west. But how far is that?

We currently live in East Looe which is separated from West Looe by the river. It is not far, in fact it is only the width of the river away, maybe a distance of 30 metres. Is this what David means? Clearly that cannot be the case, that is just a river's width is not a great deal. When we consider David's life as recorded in the bible we also read of an amazing compliment made by God to David! In spite of all of the many mistakes that he made God refers to him as a man after His own heart. According to God David had and amazing relationship with Him.

But how can that be?

The only answer can be that David's sins were completely forgiven and the only way that David can illustrate such a complete forgiveness is to use a measure that is so vast that it is impossible to measure. We can measure the distance from North to West, in fact it is simply half of the distance of the circumference of the earth! That would be a big enough figure for us but God's measure is infinite it is East to West which never ever meets! David's sin was forgiven completely and so is mine but what of yours?

God is an amazing forgiver to all who will repent and trust Him wholly for forgiveness, why not read more of the bible and discover just what forgiveness really means!