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Monday, 9 June 2014

Time out!

I am told that every picture tells a story, I will therefore let you deduce what I am saying here. Perhaps this will help you to understand:

Coffee and lunch a million miles away from the stress and strain of all that has been going on. It is now towards the end of yet another holiday that relaxation begins . We have finally been able to put behind us all that has been going on and are now looking to the future.
Forty years of marriage reminds us that we are no longer "spring chickens" but until such a time as when God stops us we intend to carry on carrying on. 

But what of the future?

The bible principle is to live for today and not to worry about what tomorrow might bring. If God supplies all of the needs of seemingly insignificant sparrows and makes the lillies of the field to be so spectacular surely we as His people can trust him for tomorrow! I have a few days of holiday left therefore I intend to do just that!

I intend to sail on into the sunset of life and enjoy what is left!


Graham Redman said...

Hi Peter, thanks for the post, sounds good, glad to hear from you, I did send you a couple of emails since last year to keep in touch, but you must have been out pouring coffee's.

Graham and Pauline Redman, the Aussies.

Peter Thatcher said...

Hi Graham and Pauline, good to hear from you both, sorry about the e-mails, not sure what happened but not intentional. Please e-mail again and I will respond. Hope that things are well in Australia, look forward to hearing from you
Every blessing Peter