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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

One of these days in Los Cristianos:

Forty years have flown by as if it were almost a blink. As I consider all that has gone before it makes me wonder what will be the next few years if we are allowed to live that long. One thing is for sure there will almost certainly not be an 80th wedding anniversary. We will both have been promoted before then. What the world will look like then holds no concern to me at all other than I would hope that the gospel has more effect in our Great British Isles than it does today.

How have we spent our celebrations is of more significance at the moment. Sunday was the actual anniversary day but that was spent largely worrying about Riley ( 2 year old grandson) who had been rushed into hospital and was in the high dependency unit being helped with his breathing. Marie and Giles were worried out of their heads and we were beside ourselves.

What could we do? Fly home? But how and when and for what purpose? Riley was in the best hands and our God is in control but that is not easy to contend with when you are worried stiff. How could we celebrate when the little one is in trouble?

The simple answer to all of this was “we could do nothing, but trust God and the medics that are His agents of healing.” We prayed and then it would be nice to be able to say everything was ok; Riley was healed miraculously and we rejoiced oh and by the way a pot of Gold fell out of the sky and we are now healthy, wealthy and are walking around with manic grins on our faces! But that is not what happened.

Riley was discharged but was soon taken in again in great distress, Marie was frightened and Giles would have been distraught. What could they do but watch as medical brilliance took over. Pam & I spent many quiet moments worrying and praying, wishing and hoping etc.

Riley has responded, he is home but there is a bed kept for him in reserve in the hospital in case of relapse and we are in Tenerife and are feeling helpless!

What should we do? Our 25th anniversary was wiped out due to Pam being treated for cancer. We were then in no fit state for celebration and neither do we feel that way currently. Despite that we are enjoying being here, it is good to see Barb and Neil. The sun is warming the old bones and is being thoroughly therapeutic. Pam is enjoying the pool and I have read a William Dyer book “ the great day of God's wrath!”, the biography of Mother Teresa and am well into RC Sproul's “Willing to believe: the controversy over free will.” Each one in it's own way is inspiring and most helpful in difficult days. Some would say not exactly holiday reading but they are just what I need at this time. I have some Andrew Murray lined up on the old trusty Kindle and many others should it be necessary. In fact I have enough on there for us to stay where we are and celebrate our golden wedding anniversary without ever returning to Old Blighty!

A reality check soon reveals that the UK is where we belong and so our holiday will come to an end but not before we have rested properly and taken in the usual sights of the amazingly beautiful island. We went to Loro Parque and to take photo's for Pam's Pastel Portraits. White tigers seem to be the next subject followed by meer cats and maybe even some otters. Mount Teide is calling me, Spain's highest peak needs to be seen at close range and so we will be going as high as is possible. The holiday will be complete when that has been accomplished and then UK we are returning (our plan, God might change that but that is His business!!)

Oh well back to the lazy life that we call holiday, Riley we love you and are looking forward to seeing you up and running!

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