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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Christian witness.

For a little while now I have ran a parallel blog which I call "Pastor's blog." It is simply a few bible passages that I have studied and have either used the basis to preach or teach from or that I am planning for future opportunities. Mainly they are my own musings as to what the bible teaches me. They have been viewed by an amazing number of people most of whom look and leave.

Recently I have been criticized by a man who operates from some apparent bible school in Peru. It seems that he spends a lot of time with his computer seeking those with whom he can disagree. He tends to rant against orthodox Christianity and cannot discern between heresy and truth. 

He is apparently what some are claiming to be a Troll!

He claims to be evangelical and an authority on bible truth and yet he can overlook a clear command of Jesus. He clearly believes that he loves bible truth but yet ignores a vital command of Jesus.

Jesus said:

" By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”
John 13:35  New American Standard Bible 

I am not really bothered by what the man is saying, I do not agree but he is entitled to his opinion but it got me thinking about what Christianity has become in our world. From reading his blog he professes to be born again and proud of his Arminian theology which is OK to a point.  But he certainly misses the point of what Jesus is teaching in the quoted verse. The issue at hand is Christian witness, it is the gospel in evidence, we as Christians should be known as our love towards each other as we correct each other and not by our acrimony towards those with whom we disagree. 

Jesus told His disciples that they would be fishers of men and not as our friend is displaying "vicious old men!"

I am a firm believer that error should be dealt with but have we not learned from the past when to disagree deserved execution, even the great John Calvin was guilty of that towards the Anabaptists!!! How on earth can we expect unbelievers to see and believe in Jesus if we do not love His friends?? We ought to consider His attitude to those who did not understand fully and when we have to confront their error confront them with an open and loving heart.

Thank you Steve for attacking me, it has renewed my concern that I might deal with those in error around me in a way that brings glory to Christ and not satisfaction to my over-inflated ego.

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