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Monday, 30 June 2014

A Grandpa moment.

Just before having to leave home for the Sunday evening meeting in the church Riley (Grandson)  wanted to walk on the sand with Grandpa and so we went out together simply to do that. I was so proud with him holding my hand and telling me all about whatever was in his head. I may not have fully understood all that he said but I did mark the importance of the moment. We were buddies together on a mission. It reminded me much of yet another Kris Kristofferson song called Jodie and the kid.  In the song Kristofferson firstly speaks of his relationship with a younger bride but then with a daughter where they shared similar moments to what I was at that moment enjoying.

As we were walking and talking our way along the soft sandy part of the beach I was aware of 3 older than me ladies watching sitting on the beach watching us as we walked and Riley talked. As is the way of some older folks they were talking very loudly about us and saying how lovely it was to see Granddad with his grandson and chatting like old friends. That brought a great big smile to my heart because it reminded me of the day when Riley was brought into our little church in South Wales for me to pray for him and to dedicate his life to the Lord Jesus. At that service I promised him such moments as these as he began to grow up.

 It was a truly wonderful moment and one that I pray will be repeated many times. It is what I have promised to him before God in heaven, it is delightful and I pray that I will never become too grouchy to always treasure such opportunities, not only with Riley but with Nathaniel and Olivia also.

There was more to the day also, I had an adult moment on a bench on the promenade where along with a friend we spent precious moments talking and praying about my current situation. The beach is a fantastic place where much vital work can be done. For children they see adults as they truly are: Children in old skin! But for adults we not only see children free to enjoy life but we can also put into perspective the issues of life. For my friend John and I there was no shame to do the natural thing and bow our heads in prayer committing the decisions of future days  whilst sitting in the creation that He has given us even though the promenade was crowded. 

All in all it was a lovely day.

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