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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Full moon over Looe.

We went along to one of the church house groups last night and enjoyed a great night in fellowship around the Word of God. We were challenged about what God is doing in our own life and the life of the church both now and in the future.

All of the time that we were seeking His guidance for our lives He was displaying something of His creative glory to our nation and I suppose that even though it was seen God was rarely seen through it. 

We were greeted by this sight as we entered the flat:

"God's invisible attributes, namely, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse."
Romans 1:20

One of the great assurances that I have of my faith is when I see such natural beauty. My immediate response is to see the glory of the creator in His creation. 

Some believe that God is in the creation but that is simply not true. However much the creation might be glorious it is merely a signature of it's creator. The created world can never contain the magnificence of Almighty God, but as Paul says in Romans 1:20 it clearly displays much about Him.

It firstly shows what is unseen to man. On this occasion the "man in the moon" is preaching to the world about God's unseen glory and for all who observe it then they are without excuse if they do not see something of God's character.  To apportion the sight of a full moon over the sea on a beautiful Spring evening in Looe to anything or any other deity Paul tells us is inexcusable to God Almighty.

God gives many chances in life through the wonderful creation for all people everywhere to stop and consider how this glorious world came into being. To even suggest that it all happened by fate of accident and is without purpose is according to the bible nothing but arrogance. God created and has put His signature for all to see. I know that me making such a statement is likely to cause some to rail against me but I would just like to ask that before you cast me off into the waste bin labelled "nutter and bigot" please consider what I say first and then if you deem it necessary dump my thoughts and by all means challenge me.

God's eternal power and divine nature are also clearly seen. We are observing the work of the Almighty God and as such I am not ashamed even with a scientific background to glorify Him. It might not be trendy to do so, and it may not be in line with 21st century science but my spirit raises to the God of creation when I see creation as gloriously as was displayed last night in a full moon over Looe. 

It was worth coming home late for!

A late night was followed by a waking at 4:00 am and not being able to sleep. rather than lie restlessly in bed, coffee beckoned. (It is for me a great nightcap after the drinking of which I find sleep to be more forthcoming! ) The sky was filled with the glow of the same moon but more to the west now and lower on the horizon.

It reminded me once again of the creator that put it there for His good pleasure and also our benefit. I was immediately pleased to be awake at such an hour and inspired to preach our God through this page. If you are a skeptic about what I say then I would like to tell you that the message of the moon is only the beginning. The creation is truly glorious but the creator is even more glorious. He is perfectly seen in the person of Jesus Christ. His glory is seen through another creation. The bible refers to the church as a new creation where the glory of God the Son is seen in much the same way as the Glory is seen in the first creation.

The church is a new creation comprising of ordinary people who have been transformed by faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of personal sin and are then made into Christians. It is all about Him working the miracle of forgiveness on the cross and then making us into a people who are acceptable to God. When this is true then we see the natural world in a different way.

We cannot but see the creators hand in it!

And as such we give Him all of the glory.


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