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Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Real Dilemma:


I have just been studying the bible and considering a good and biblical work ethic (click on this link: Pastor's blog.)which has left me in a dilemma.  Man is created to work but my problem is that I am currently unemployed. That is a situation that I have never been in before and one that I am most uncomfortable with.

My question is: 

If God has ordained it for man to work for his living, then am I sinning by being out of paid employment?

Firstly I do not believe so because it was a matter of Christian principle that caused me to terminate my previous contract and secondly because there are many opportunities that are now coming to the fore. I am actively seeking pastoral work and with the support of good Christian friends and also the church I am most encouraged by the possibilities that might be afforded.

I have also been busying myself in studying the scriptures  and have published some of the fruits of my labours on the blog site linked to above. This has proved to be profitable for me and also for a number of readers it seems. 

My greatest difficulty is how to make ends meet. We have bills to pay and food to buy and a simple "God is good" statement does not impress the lady at the till in the supermarket. But nonetheless God is good and so are His people and so we can say for the time-being the bills are being paid.

It all reminds me of the story of Joseph where he saw injustices to himself as God's purpose as being sovereign over the difficulties caused by man. 

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