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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

With God things don't just happen!

Everything by God is planned:

Today is one of those days when I rejoice that I am a Calvinist. I do believe that God is sovereign over all of the purposes of this world and that as one of His beloved then I am completely in His sovereign care. It is with that confidence that the little song that has been buzzing through my head for the last 2 months or so is so helpful. It is a simple little chorus of a great hymn but it is so important just at the moment.

The words are:

I know who holds the future and He will guide me by His hand
With God things don't just happen
Everything by Him is planned
So as I face the future with its problems large and small
I will trust the God of miracles
Give Him my all!

Our future has been even more uncertain for the last 2 months ever since I terminated my contract to work within the Rusty Bucket. It was a decision made before the Lord. I am not just a coffee shop manager and even though I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience I have increasingly been aware that my heart is for gospel work. We have been seeking the Lord's will for the future and are actively seeking what He has planned for our future. We are therefore exploring through FIEC what might be ahead for us.

I meet with Richard who is director af all things Pastoral today and so value prayer for both Pam's and my future.

Thanks to any that read this brief update and will pray along with us.    

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