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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Give thanks.

I am currently reading a book about giving thanks to God for all of His goodness in every situation. It is relatively easy to be grateful for days of ease and comfort but surprisingly that is when we are often the most ungrateful.The author of the book has gone through great sadnesseses  and trauma and is writing from a heart that is damaged by serious grief and yet the book is inspirational if not frustrating. It is poorly poetic and more flowery than the local florist but the underlying message is powerful and challenging. 

What can I give thanks for in my current uncertainties?

 I was pondering that yesterday whilst waiting for the grandchildren to arrive. It was our turn to have them whilst Mom & Dad are hard at work. We decided because it was the last day of school holidays and day out would be good fun.

But where do we go?

As cheap as possible was the immediate response but wait a moment! These are our grandchildren and we love them and want the best for them and so we went to the local wildlife park. Expecting it to be half done and a bit of a disappointment we paid the fees and went in.

  • The staff were lovely (mostly volunteers but yet it was not a charity!) 
  • The ethos was great a business that all of the profits went back into in order that rescued animals might be looked after properly and be well fed!   
  • It was clean and tidy and fun to be in.
  • The animals were easily accessible even for a 2 year old.
 It was a truly great experience.

The place was  Porfell Wildlife Park:

And so I would like to give thanks today for:

  • Grandchildren that made it possible.
  • Parents that entrusted them to us!
  • The wildlife park and the staff that care so well.
  • The ability to pay the price. 
  • The wonder of nature.
  • So many more things!

 I am so grateful for all of the things that we saw and have experienced. We so often forget to give thanks but there are so many other things:
  • Pam who keeps me under control.
  • Friends who care.
  • Neighbours who smile.
  • Coffee that warms and fulfills the need. 
  • Food that strengthens.
  • At last some weight loss.
  • Surgeons who repair.
  • Church that equips. 
  • Anna Voskamp who writes soppily but with great challenge.
  • Books.
  • Music.
  • The bible.
  • Sermons to prepare.
  • The Lord Jesus who is worthy of all thanks.
Anna Voskamp's book is "One thousand gifts." I recommend it but you will need to get over the style for the challenge!  Sounds like a good walk in the country where you need to get over a stile to see more of the beauty.

  “I want to see beauty. In the ugly, in the sink, in the suffering, in the daily, in all the days before I die, the moments before I sleep.”

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