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Friday, 4 April 2014

Back to Basics.

As Prime Minister John Major is famous for telling the British people that it would be good to go back to basics. He of course was referring to the basics of conservative values. To some that was a welcome clarion call but for others it left them fearful of what was to come.

As I write this morning I find myself in the situation of having returned to base. I am sitting in the lounge of my brother back in Coventry. Due to our current situation I have had to make a number of decisions this week concerning our future. This caused me to come to the Midlands for a chat with FIEC concerning ministry opportunity and the wherewithal to be involved in gospel ministry where we now live. All of this gave us the opportunity to stay in our home town (city actually) of Coventry.

As always there have been some set-backs that are best left undisclosed currently but there have also been great encouragements along the way. Our future though uncertain is nonetheless in God's hands and so we are more than happy to be where we are.

But what of Coventry?

This place seems to have little resemblance of the city that I grew up in. Most of the car factories are either now housing estates or shopping complexes. the ring road still amazes me as to how efficient it is for the amount of traffic that it has. Our home church has changed externally out of all recognition but the message is constant. We are grateful for that.

But what on earth has happened to the people, they have all grown so much older! I suppose I should have not been too surprised as I get a hint of change whenever I look in a mirror and see this alien old man looking back at me!!!! Little children are now in college and driving cars for goodness sake.

Back to basics????

That is an impossible dream I am discovering that things never change.

Therefore we did the tourist thing. With trusty Sony Alpha in hand equipped with the largest lens possible we went into the Cathedral area to take photographs. It rained!! 

There is something that never seems to change!

Due to the weather and my belligerence of not wearing a coat we went into St Mary's hall (I have never been in there before) and so we took pictures of  The place where Mary Queen of Scots stayed etc. we were certainly now closer to the basics of Coventry life. 

It was a time when the faith was under severe attack, a time when Christians were being kept in Coventry strongholds awaiting execution on gallows and in fires. All of this caused me to wonder if I really wanted to go back to basics where I might find myself in mortal danger from the worlds haters of the gospel.  All of this reminded me of my friend Adamu who is currently under the great threat of death due to his faith in Jesus and so I conclude that I can do no other that agree to stand alongside the saints past and present and go back to the uncertainty of comfort and even life itself for the truth of the gospel that the Lord has gifted me with. 

Whatever our future might bring please pray alongside us that we might remain faithful to God alone and trust in His Word for our security.

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