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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I am somewhat jealous.

This is the reason why:

Ever since we returned from Porjus I have become an avid watcher of the Nature of Jokkmokk webcams, see: 
Last night was the first night of real activity and as I looked could see the lights beginning to do their spectacular dance across the sky. I slept with pictures of wonderment and could not wait to see the archives this morning. The result is un-ashamed jealousy. I just wanted to be there.

But what is t all about? 

It is sheer beauty to us down here but when we start to begin to understand what is going on then the wonder of it all is just fantastic. It all seems to begin with storms on our sun sending out high speed winds of scorching radiation. That great nuclear reactor in the sky is throwing serious danger to us. If it hit us even though from so far away it would frazzle us in nano-seconds but it does not! The wonder of it all is that our little planet has got an amazing radiation shield that protects us from harmful radiation but lets in the all important heat and light that makes life on earth what it is.

When we see the Aurora we are privy to the radiation shield doing its job. It is destroying the harmful stuff and the excess radiation comes to earth ad dancing lights. The earth is rejoicing at yet another success and we are being amazed by the result. All are happy. It is amazing to think that it is simply magnetism that does the job! What a wonderful world we live in.

To some this is simply the result of a coming together of miniscule particles that grow at a rapid rate of knots until marble size and then expand into what we have toda y and continuing on into infinity and beyond. Observances have been made that can be fitted into the expectations of clever scientists all over the world. We have at last they claim found the origin of the universe. I cannot deny that they have observed all that they document but where they put things into the fate of accident file I can only see the hand of an Almighty Creator who has left no stone unturned for the development of life on earth and for the protection of all that this planet is!

As I see the wonder of all of this and am jealous I am fully content that our God has put is into this beautiful universe for His good pleasure and for our benefit.

We may not have the spectacle of an aurora in Looe but I woke up to a magnificent sunrise over the sea this morning and at this moment I cannot think of anywhere that I would rather be!

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