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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A week in Llandudno.

It is amazing how at times something crops up just at the right time. Our week in Beth Eden Christian Hotel was one of those times. It was August last year when our good friends David & Margaret invited me to speak sometime in 2014. We chose mid March as a good date for fitting in with our then proposed commitments and I selected my subject for the week to be "Moses' example of leading God's people." All at that point seemed to be fairly mundane.

Who can work out the future? I am glad that I do not have a crystal ball that tells me months in advance what is going to be happening today. Even though we may have reasonable estimations, we are never too sure of what might happen even in the next few moments. It does not take too much to turn our world upside down. I suppose that is how we feel at this moment. For the first time in  my life I find myself out of work.

A new experience
 I have finished my work at the Old Rusty, it became obvious to me more and more that the coffee shop was becoming more successful than I would have predicted and due to that it needed a fully qualified full time manager. My heart is the gospel and like the Psalmist says the Word of God is like a burning in the heart, I cannot but let it out. I also if I dare say it have the heart of a Pastor and am desperately missing helping God's people to know more about Him. I relinquished my contract with the charity at the end of February. They have employed a lovely Christian young lady to manage. She has all of the necessary skills and I am sure she will move it into its next phase. All of this leaves me in a very nervous situation;


I know who holds the future
And He'll guide me with his hand
With God things don't just happen,
Everything by him is planned.
So as I face tomorrow,
With its problems large and small,
I'll trust the God of miracles,
Give to Him my all.
I do not know how many days
Of life are mine to spend,
But one who knows and cares for me
Will keep me to the end.
I do not know the course ahead,
What joys and griefs are there.
But one stands near who fully knows,
I'll trust His loving care.

This is where North Wales and Beth Eden come in. One of the principles of the bible for people in confused or difficult situations is that the Lord often instructs us to come aside and rest a while. When God tells us to rest it is not necessarily lying on a beach in Sunny Spain but for us to put ourselves in a situation where He can speak. God's normal way of speaking to His people is through His declared word which of course is the bible. As I started studying the life and times of Moses all that I was learning became so relevant for me that it seemed to be unnecessary for me to go up to Wales (350 miles by the scenic route!) but Llandudno was my destination and so off we went.

The Severn Bridge; gateway to Wales.


Not exactly flowing with milk and honey but water beyond compare.
A place of reflection!

The camera cannot do justice to the beauty of the land but a photo is a great trigger to remind the brain of the feast of glory seen by the eye. If you want to experience just what it is like you really must go yourself. I suppose Wales is my favourite country on this planet. there are so many happy memories there! Add to the memories a countryside so beautiful then there is no real surprise that some might believe it to be the "land of promise!"
Our destination was right on the North coast, the little seaside town of Llandudno:

Sorry I just had to get the car in!

Upon arrival Margaret apologised that it was only a small group attending that week. That suited me fine because I fully believed that the ministry was for my benefit anyway. We met the other guests and I can honestly say that we were truly "fed up for the rest of the week.
We were:
  • Well fed with good food.
  • Well fed by the Lord, through  His word.
  • Well fed with good fellowship.
  • Well fed through the beauty of this lovely land. I covered more than 500 miles of Wales in day trips!
We were mightily blessed by the whole experience and so I am grateful to God and all involved for a time to reflect on the real issues of life. I do not have any answers but this I do know is that God has a purpose and I just need to rest a while and see what He is doing. I am a good meddler and am learning that with God the "hands off" approach  is always best. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the bible again and would love to be about that business again.
Please pray that God will lead us into the next phase in the near future.

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