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Thursday, 2 January 2014

See you in heaven?

Tonight we have had messages from well meaning friends and family warning us of impending doom. A storm is about to hit and poor old Looe is going to be flooded (allegedly). It is true that there is a storm brewing, it is equally true that it co-incides with the Spring Tides and so the sea level will be high. It is also true that the water may overspill the river bank. And due to this I am grateful for offers of accomodation  and help.

There is however a sense that this is once again turning into a media frenzy that will result in them working overtime and no doubt making lots of monet. We have already seen the customary reporter standing in his wellies by a flooded road informing us that: "this is a flooded road!" I am as usual overwhelmed by their gross stupidity but they will carry on making their little reports no matter how daft they might look and sound.

When we listen beyond the expert reporter to the actual scintist of metereologist they more honestly tell us that the intensity of the storm does not match what we have experienced in recent days and that the danger is more from tidal swell then maybe all is not as bad as the BBC and others are telling us. I do get fed up with these false prophets telling of the doom ahead.

Of course I am concerned about loss and damage but in the grand scheme of things there are a lot of folks in far worse situations.

In the Old Testament the false prophet was to be stoned because he was mis-representing God's word. I do not advocate such punishment to those who predict doom from the weather and it does not come but I wonder when they are going to be held to account for telling such lies?

If there are never any more postings on this site I think that it would be fair to say that the BBC got it right and my skepticism has at last got the better of me. I will then be in a far better place were the storms of this world no longer hold sway.

See you in heaven?

The very next day: I looked in vain for the carnage predicted. It is true to say that the road through the town is currently flooded but it is minor and certainly does not require the tv cameras, crew and customary welly endowed reporter to be present at all. In fact if they really cared about Looe and it's people they would arm themselves with mops and buckets and get stuck in cleaning up the mess that the traders have to do before they can open their businesses.
It is maybe about the time that we stopped listening to the crazy media types.

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Gary said...

Good evening Pete,
I must admit to thinking very unchristian thoughts where the medias coverage of small events, and dwindling coverage of large events is concerned. I like the bit about the reporter in his wellies. It reminded me of times when it needs a reporter standing outside a particular hospital entrance, to inform us that 'so and so' is inside. News indeed, as most of us don't know what one looks like! I wonder what 2014 will bring. Hopefully in my case a little more church, or prayer, or both. Glad you are all ok. Good luck with the op on the 6th......bust a gut!