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Thursday, 2 January 2014

A very happy merry new to you all!

It is now 2014 and all is well. I am as usual awake at some ridiculous hour and so am musing upon the issues of the day. Or more accurately the new year and what it might hold for us as part of the community of Looe and more widely as a people living in the year 2014. 

I was saddened to hear of Michael Schumacher's accident and wish him all the best and a full recovery:

I cannot imagine how his wife and family are coping with the worries and concerns and added to that the intrusion of the world's press. They may like to think that they are showing a healthy concern for one of the most popular figures in sport and that they are informing the world of Michael's health but if there was no money to be made out of it then there would be no "paparazzi" camping out on the Schumacher doorsteps. It really is an unfair invasion into the lives of a family in shock and fear. I pray that somehow the family might find peace and hope through the Lord Jesus who is truly interested in the very best for all of His friends.

The New Year began for us with a spectacular firework display from the Banjo Pier. I was impressed that at exactly midnight the fireworks began, especially after the children had to wait for approximately half an hour for their display to begin by which time the heavens opened and they all got a thoroughly good soaking. It was frustrating to watch the men in fluorescent jackets walking backwards and forwards along the pier and yet no fireworks. They did eventually come and were worth the wait but it did make me wonder how mid-night is more important than 6:00 clock. There would I am sure have been uproar if the revellers had have had to wait for 30 minutes so why not afford the youngsters the same respect? Come on officials get it right!

If you want to see how spectacular the display was why not look at the Love Looe Campaign site: 

If not here is some of my poor efforts:


A good natured evening was concluded as far as I am aware with no real problems and all went home at a reasonable hour leaving me with a peaceful night's sleep. The evening fu was replaced by a wild morning storm. I am so glad that the weather held off for the night. By morning our flat was rocking and rolling like I have not known before. The morning swim was cancelled but the swimmers did not seem to know that and the Old Rusty was closed giving the staff a very well deserved break although Josh who does not seem to look at messages on his phone turned up in the most atrocious conditions. We gave him a warm drink, wished him the customary "very happy merry new" and sent him home again.

We spent the rest of New Years day driving across Bodmin Moor (great fun in such wild conditons) to Bude for disappointing fish and chips and back again. It was not worth photographing but was great fun.

What does the New year hold for us? There is only One who knows that but we have hopes of our own. The Michael Schumacher accident reminds me of the frailty of life and so we can make no demands. That however does not stop us from hoping. The coffee shop is closed from the 2th January for the rest of January, I have my hernia operation on the 6th and am hoping that it will return me to painfree good health where I can be about life as i would like. Unimpeded by bits being in places where they ought not to be! Pam would say "too much information thank you very much!" that is my current hope.

But what of the future?
That is out of my hands but I would like to ride my bike up Barbican Hill, enjoy quality time with family and friends. Enjoy a holiday in Sweden and see the most spectacular display of the aurora borealis:

I would like my time in Looe to be profitable in both work and personal life. The best way that can be achieved is by God's gracious goodness and so what we need the most is a new year that is marked by personal devotion to my Saviour who is more than just a "happy merry new!"

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