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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 out with the old?

New year celebrations have always left me somewhat apathetic. I cannot get over excited by the change of one day for another, after all it is only a matter of a moments difference. As I reflecy upon the old year we have had many new experiences. 
My year started with the disappointments of a number of cancelled operation dates and so my old worn out hip was getting worse by the day and with the prospects of a new life beckoning in Cornwall we were feeling somewhat confused and concerned as to how it might all happen. I remember many discussions about how worried I was for the planned move.
That caused me to think of an answer that Winston Churchill gave when questioned about what worried him the most during the war years. His answer was as we might expect both useful and profound:
He said that he worried most about those things which never happened. That is so typical of all of us, we spend many sleepless hours worrying about what might become!

  One day of 2013 ranks among the worst days of my life. It was the day that I had to announce to my brothers and sisters in Jesus that I would be leaving them for a new work in Cornwall. To see sadness and shock in most of the congregation was "gut wrenching" to say the least. I did notice a smug look on the faces of one or two but then they probably deserved a break from this old incumbant. It was followed by an operation and us finally moving away on 24th June.

 Maitor which we loved beyond compare sold in just a few hours. It was amazing to see the queue of traffic down Slon Lane the night before it went on sale. The estate agent told us that they had never had so many hits on their web site as they did that night. Should we put the price up was the the question posed but we fely that the Lord had directed and so we sold it to a young family at a bargain price for them and a quick settlement for us. I suppose you could say "out with the old and in with the new!" But it was with great sadness and trepidation that we moved into pastures new.

It was not just moving house and home we moved country and profession  also. Pastor Pete became coffee boy. How did that happen? God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. But what are the wonders He has planned and how do we fit into the grand scheme of things? That is the "NEW" for us and it began on 1st July. The 1st January is simply a continuation of what has begun. 

So why all of the fuss?
That is really the purpose of my writing, I really do not know and neither do I care. You are probably now thinking that negativity has taken over again and to some extent you are right. But does a new year really make any difference at all? Some will be pledging undying friendship and eternal forgiveness of all wrongs done to them at 12:00 but by morning nothing will really have changed.  But there is something that is important for me:

New year is an excuse for a firework display and it seems that Looe is the place to be for a good one. I am not interested in the fancy dress, auld langs sine or alcoholic excess just give me a display of pyrothechnics and all will be well. 

Roll on 12:00 pm
That is all that I can say. I am amazed at what man can do with a bit of gunpowder, a few added chemicals, a cardboard tube and a match (safety of course) Bangs, whistles and bright colours make a pictoral delight to any man's retina. I am looking forward to the new year, not because it changes anything but because the fireworks will thrill me to bits.

As for old being replaced with new, that is God's regenerating work in the hearts of all repentant sinners, That does not happen at the begiining of a new year but when new life is given by the Author of Life Himself.

Happy new year all! 
But are you in receipt of new life yet?


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