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Saturday, 9 November 2013

You aint going nowhere!

The weather forecastors were telling us that the weather is going to be bad. Rain and wind spreading up from the west and engulfing our neck of the woods. But we had planned to go for a walk from Polperro to Looe with good friends who were visiting. The forecasters were saying along with Bob Dylan "you aint going nowhere!" (Sorry about the poor English, it was after all written by an American poet and so that gives licence to almost anything!) It does remind me of a great version of Dylan's song which is featured on one of my favourite albums of all time; Sweetheart of the Rodeo by the Byrds:

I do have to say that the music is good but it looks like somebody has released a few fleas amongst the audience.

The forecasters told me that I was going nowhere but the sky was blue it was a bit windy but remarkebly warm for a November morning so ignoring the experts we set off from Polperro along the coastal path and enjoyed a wonderful walk with great friends. We have been looking forward to doing this walk for a while now and we were not in the least disappointed:

As you can see the sky was blue all of the way and we most certainly did go somewhere, we achieved our end and received the reward of coffee and crepes at my favourite coffee shop in Looe (after the Old Rusty of course!!!) 

We were served by the rather eccentic but wonderful proprietor Martin (if you find yourself in Looe at any time you must visit Larsson's; it is an experience). The food was as always excellent and the coffee posibly the best around. Some of our number had hot chocolate made with melted dark Belgian chocolate which caused some whooping to be exclaimed. It was an alll round experience folllowed by the short but rather steep climb of Shutta Hill to visit Marie and Riley.

We had a lovely day that the experts said that we should not have had. When it was over the heavens were opened and the promised "weather" arrived. By that time we were locked in home and we did not want to go anywhere.

All of this goes to show that if we take too much notice of what others say then we might not experience great things.

 Again it reminds me of principles for life: the scripture says that the preaching of the cross is foolishness to those who will not believe but is life itself to those who do. Many experts tell me that my gospel takes people nowhere but I know different!

Do you?

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