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Friday, 4 October 2013

Who is Jesus?

The Rusty Bucket is about to host part of a team of men known as "Walk Cornwall." Their purpose is to spend the next week or so in the Looe area witnessing for Christ in schools, pubs, clubs and in the open air. They are enthusiastic for the gospel and seek to reach people where they are. The church would do well to learn from their diligence. I do however have some reservations as to the hows and whys and wherefores of some of their practices but that is maybe for another blog.
The purpose for posting today is that I intend to make a course entitled "So who is Jesus?" available to any contacts that they make who might be interested in further gospel help.

The course is a Christianity Explored type of course but on a more personal level. It is only a lead to the person of Christ and who He truly is. It does not go on to teach the work and person of the Holy Spirit or the church as I believe these to be the responsibility of the local gospel church to which I will point any truly interested parties.

As I was thinking of this today I was reminded of the Josiah Condor hymn:

Thou art the everlasting Word,
The Father's only Son,
God manifestly seen and heard,
And heaven's beloved One.

Worthy, O Lamb of God, art Thou,
That ev'ry knee to Thee should bow!

In Thee, most perfectly expressed,
The Father's glories shine,
Of the full Deity possessed,
Eternally Divine!

True image of the Infinite,
Whose essence is concealed;
Brightness of uncreated light,
The heart of God revealed.

But the high myst'ries of His name,
The creature's grasp transcend;
The Father only (glorious claim!)
The Son can comprehend.

Yet loving Thee, on whom His love
Ineffable doth rest,
Thy members all, in Thee, above,
As one with Thee are blest!

Throughout the universe of bliss,
The center Thou, and Sun,
The eternal theme of praise is this,
To heaven's beloved One.

The hymn caused me to wonder how and why Josiah Condor should write such words. My conclusion was that firstly they are true and secondly he believed them.

It is my intention to show from the bible that these are true concepts and that Jesus is the only way of salvetion and to as far as it is possible with me make disciples through the study and declaration of God's word.

Praying readers please pray that the Lord will send some who He is calling to Himself. Some will mis-interpret as they believe that all "churches" are the church and that we all preach the same message. The gospel is wholly unique and needs to be preached and taught by God's unique (peculiar)people.

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