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Monday, 21 October 2013

A bright light in dark days.

Sometimes it makes me wonder if what we do really makes a difference. Here we are in a small town at the tip of a small island just off the continent of Europe. Small we might be but in God;s economy we are certainly not insignificant. In church last week the Pastor reminded us that as the church we are more precious to God than we can ever really imagine. We are the specially chosen people of God, called out of darkness into the glorious light of salvation. Freed fro sin due the Saviour who gave up everything in heavens and condescended to come into our world, to become a man but not just any man. He is the God man, a mystery that we cannot even begin to explain but yet it is true. The Divine becomes fully human but yet remains to be God the Son. How does that work???

As the divine Son He took our sins as if they were His own and died and was punished by God on our behalf in order that we have a new relationship with God that is not hampered and hindered by our personal sin.

That truly is the amazing gospel, but are we effective in our efforts to represent Christ as we serve the community of Looe? It is always good to be encouraged and so Charles Colson is a great source of help in my present circumstance. Here is a quote from his booj (which I highly recommend) The Body:

“In a world full of shadows, it is sometimes difficult to believe we can really make a difference. Sometimes our little lights seem small indeed. Sometimes the darkness looks overwhelming. But throughout history the church has always shone as a community of light that cannot be quenched. In a thousand dim arenas of need around the world the light still shines in darkness- and darkness cannot extinguish it.”

I hope that this might just encourage somebody in their own gospel effort.

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