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Monday, 2 September 2013

What is a cream tea?

Not being a lover of cream or scones (or is it sconnns????) I have always been somewhat befuddled by the arguments surrounding the British institution called the cream tea. It seems to me to be a futile argument as to whether the cream goes on the scone before or after the jam. That is until you enter Cornwall where it is of great importance that the jam is below the cream otherwise Devon traditions are being practised. Perhaps one day I will venture into eating one and discovering which way really is the best.

The argument might at first seem futile as is merely the pronunciation of the word scone that is debated but there is a more important issue at hand. Correctness is important in life. We live in a country that seems to be "politically correct" mad. We must say and do what is acceptable to all around and in many ways there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! But there is a correctness that is sadly being ignored today. Spiritual correctness to many is simply not important. But to God it is vital; in the bible He has declared that spirtual correctness comes though Christ alone and that faith in Him brings forgiveness for sins and benefits us with a new and living relationship with God Almighty. We may be interested in the correct way to put cream and jam on our scone (sconn or whatever) but God is concerned about who or what is most important to us in our hearts.

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