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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The long and winding road:

One of the best songs written and sung by the Beatles in my humble estimation is the long and winding road. The title could be the motto of my day. Another song sums up my day also, it is an old Christian chorus or ditty: "when the road is rough and steep." Both of these songs have great significance for our day in and around Lynton and Lynmouth. It all started with a lovely breakfast in Sinai House and then developed as we started a walk through the town and down the valley of the rocks. We could see showers dotted across the sea but only experienced a few moments of drizzle. What a blessing! We went ascended to the summit of the rock at the bottom of the valley:

We stayed at the top for half hour or more and just took in the breataking views, we were also trying to work out what the helicopter was buzzing around for. Up there we met a nice couple whose wedding anniversary it just happened to be. We kept bumping into them for the whole day.
The rough and at times steep long widing coastal pathway led us rather spectacularly to lunch at Lynmouth:
After ham, egg, chips and esspresso mingled with a bit of shop browsing we set off to Watersmeet. Another of those rough, steep and long winding pathways take us to the idyllic Watersmeet where we were greeted by a National Trust coffee shop followed by the long trek back to Lynmouth, a ride up the cliff railway and then up the 60'ish steps to relaxation.

There is an important point to my rambling, I MADE IT! For any who know me I have been somewhat compromised with mobility due to hip problems but on the 4th May Mr Mark Mullins replaced my right hip bone with a nice new ceramic joint. I would like to thank Mark for his brilliance and also two really good friends for their kindness in covering the cost. The blessing to me is that I can walk free of any discomfort; but there is more. I have suffered with chronic fatigue for 10 years now and that has finally disappeared.
Again my gratitude goes to Caroline for all of her support, pills and recipes. I am sorry but I could not stop drinking coffee but the rest of your advice has been vital. I ended my walk with no ill effects and felt as if I could have walked into the night. These are real bonuses and so hill walking I return to you. I also hope to fulfil my dream of cycling again.
But there is even more still, the second of the songs quoted:

"When the road is rough and steep" continues:
Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
He alone has power to keep,
Turn you eyes upon Him,
Jesus is a faithful friend,
one on whom you can depend,
He will keep you to the end,
Turn your eyes upon Him.

I am reminded that the road of life that I am on (you are on a similar road) is punctuated by all sorts of delights, difficulties and issues. We go up hill and down dale, finding occasional rest, food and solitude that sustains us for our journey. The bible describes the Lord Jesus to be food for His friends and also water for them. He is peace and rest in their need, correction in their wanderings, strength in their weakness, love in their loneliness and peace in their hearts. We experience many things on a pleasure walk but with Jesus we experience life to the full in all circumstances. There is of course another valley that we will all walk through; the valley of the dark shadows of death is a reality but on the other side is comfort for God's children. Are you one?
Jesus is the bridge to life will you walk with Him?

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