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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Friends from home.

What do you do when news from home is not what you would want?

I recently heard that a dear friend has been diagnosed with cancer and is udergoing an intensive treatment plan. A few months ago it would have been my privilege to be there and to comfort and help in any way possible. But we are so far away!

What can we do?

The only thing we can really do is support from a distance and more importantly we can pray. We have a heavenly Father that hears and answers prayers and so we commit our friend into His hands with all certainty that He will see her through. Life is in His hands, He is the giver and taker of all life. Our friend has the certainty (since Jesus became her Lord and saviour) that whatever might befall will result in blessing beyond compare.

We pray that she will have many more years of showing the love of Christ here on earth!

Distance from each other is a problem to us but an opportunity for us to display out trust in God above.

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