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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Billy Bray

Challenge for the new day.

It was said of Billy Bray (a converted tin miner of the 19th century: why not read his biography?) that:

"Religion to him was not a duty to be done-not a privilege to be enjoyed in leisure hours-not a benefit club, a comfortable provision for "rainy days; it was life. Never left behind, never put off with Sunday clothes, never hidden before great or low, good or bad, but in him, flowing through him, speaking in every word, felt in every action, seen in every look-deep, true,abiding religion was with him altogether a life. Dead indeed unto sin, he was now living unto God through Jesus Christ."

Before Billy's conversion he was a drunkard and blasphemer of the first order but found a new and forgiven life through faith in Christ. He who is forgiven much loves much.

Why not follow this link to a short you tube clip about Billy's life?

Oh to be a little bit more like Billy Bray as we begin yet another day of grace.

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