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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Are you willing to give me a drink of water?

Whilst serving a customer he asked me if he and his wife could just share a glass of tap water between them. My response was "would you like ice in it?" He went on to tell me that they had walked out of another cafe due to their unfriendly response. They then proceeded to order both food and drink for themselves. It is a strange incident in which I seem to come out trumps but it highlights something most significant. As a Christian charity we should be like our Saviour who gave of Himself freely. There is an incident in John's gospel chapter 4 where Jesus asked a samaritan woman for a drink of water. She is confused that a Jewish man would ask for a drink of water from a woman from a nation that was hated by the Jews. Jesus' reply was that if only she knew who He was then she would ask for the wster of life. Jesus is spiritual water which leads to eternal life. The woman's meeting with a man led to her salvation. My customer met with my accomodating reply (thank God for that!) I would hope and pray that he might meet Him who offers so much more than a glass of tap water.

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