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Sunday, 15 September 2013

A question of balance.

How do we keep a right persective in life? As we look at nature everything is seeking to find an equilibrium or balance. The mathematician has to balance his equations, the chemist has to balance his chemical formulae and the accountant has to balance his books. Everything must be balanced to keep order in whatever we do. We even talk about having a balanced mind in order that normal life might continue. It is therefore no surprise that God expects Christians and th church to be balanced in their approach to life and ministry.

This was the subject of the Pastor's sermon at Grace Community Church, Morval, Near Looe this morning. It was a topical address concerning the church and Christian approach to social concern. The sermon is posted on the Grace website. I would commend you to download and listen but be aware it comes with a spirtual health warning. It will challenge the state of your heart and will cause you to re-consider some well entrenched ideaks that we might have. You can find the message at:

We were challenged to keep both faith and works in balance and harmony, without exalting one over the other. God is angry when our balance tips over to either side but there is true blessing for us when we are balanced abd for our outreach efforts also.

Where does that balance lie?

This is my conclusion but I believe also the conclusion of Pastor: We are to love our God with all of our being first and foremost. Then when we love God in such a way we will want to be like Him in our love for both ourselves and for others. He loves us sacrificially and went to extreme ends to bring us into fiendship with Him. We too must do all that we can to show the love of Christ to all that we know. That will result in us being concerned for soul, body and mind of those to whom we atke the gospel. The balance is theat the gospel can only be effective through the declared word but social concern is the vehicle by which we gain the opportunity to speak the gospel. The two work hand in hand. We can however help with the physical needs of a person without the gospel but that will only result in helping that person for now but the gospel preached could change their position before God for all of eternity.

As Christians we are called by God to engage with unbelievers and show them the hope found in Jesus Christ. We let Him down if we are only concerned about the physical well being of others. On the other hand we let our contacts down if we only preach and do not help them out in times of difficulty. The balance must be right in order that we do the very best for society today.

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