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Friday, 13 September 2013

A lovely day.

This might sound strange to some but the weather today has been rather awful. In fact it was just what you might expect of a British summer's day but despite that it has been a lovely day. It has been lovely because of many things; most of which are people.

We have had a very busy day in the “Old Rusty” with many delightful customers; they were people with great big smiles and a relaxed spirit about them. It has not been a particularly profitable day as far as takings in the cafĂ© are concerned but it has been a most encouraging day.

It was fascinating to watch how Ash the dog opposite can control a whole street-full of people and also most of our customers with his playful ball skills and how he can then just stop playing at will. Leaving his adoring fans somewhat perplexed and dissappointed as to why he doesn't want to play with them! (If you want to see more of him I am told that he has his own Facebook page, why not look him up?) He brought a lot of enjoyment to many of our customers.

It was also interesting to observe how our holiday clientele has changed this week. It is no longer a children oriented group of people but couples and groups of friends holidaying together or away for a few days on a coach holiday. It seems that a more sedate week is at hand. Get ready with the tea cakes!

There were also a number of people who were on their own, each with a story to tell. Some were sad at the recent loss of their life-long partner. It was good to have a chat with lonely folks who are going through a hard time of grief.
Then there are our trusty locals who are faithful to what we are trying to achieve, I am so grateful that they are welcoming us with open arms into their lovely community.

It would be quite wrong to not mention my colleagues for the day, Juliet on washing up duties. She sacrificially gives her time freely because she is convinced that God will use our little efforts for the glory of His name. Then there is Pam the cook who just happens to have the privilege? of being married to yours truly and also Marie who has the misfortune of having to refer to me as Pa. These have all made the working day a delight. Paul and Peggy are ever faithful to the work and give tirelessly and faithfully beyond all expectation.

All in all this has made today a lovely day.
I want to thank all that have made it so good and I pray that somewhere the Rusty Bucket might have made a difference to somebody on this Friday the 13th September. To some a day to dread but to us who know of God’s saving grace it was just another lovely day of amazing blessing.

Praise Him for all that He has done.

The weather might enhance a day but being in good company makes it a lovely day.


Gary said...

Good morning Pete. Some wise words there. So glad that you and Pam are settling in to your new life so well. Have a good one, love the blog!

Peter Thatcher said...

Thanks Gary. We enjoyed your visit last week and look forward to seeing you soon.