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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A God forsaken place?

After a couple of lovely days in Lynton we returned home via some of the most magnificent scenary outside of Wales. My conclusion is that Great Britain is the most beautiful land imaginable.
We travelled through 3 counties and saw the coastline in all of its beauty and the delights of Exmoor. before retuning home Dartmoor beckoned us.

The surprising highlight of my day was to drive past the prison at Princetown. A dark and dismal place which is designed to offer no hope to all imprisoned within its walls. I cannot imagine being incarcerated in such a grey place surrounded by such beauty.

The moors are open and free but the prisoners are locked in and with no liberty and yet it was still a privilege for me to be there. The reason being that a number of years ago a man named Fred Lemon was imprisoned there. It was during his imprisonment that by God's amazing grace the Lord Jesus visited him and saved him from his sin. That made a remarkable change in Fred's life. From that day on he lived a God glorifying life that led him to be an honorary member of the Christian Police Association. He is the only criminal to have done so I believe.

The memory of Fred's testimony made me remember that it is when men and women are at the lowest ebb that God so often works graciously in their lives. You can read the full story in "Breakout" the biography of Fred's life. Can you believe God visited that prison? This goes to prove that their are no God forsaken places on the earth! Not even those designed by man for the punishment of those that somw would term the dregs of society.

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