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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A beautiful summer comes to an end.

I was reminded today that it is the last day of school holidays. Looe town was noticably quieter, one regular customer even told me that the holiday makers had now given her town back to the locals. It has been a great experience learning how to drive at snails pace through the town and to smile at the antics and comments of pedestrians that do not think that cars should be allowed along such narrow streets.

It is interesting how diferent people see things in so many different ways. Again in the coffe shop today another customer was surprised to find that we are not just an ordinary business but a charity whose aim is not to get rich but to benefit the residents of Looe. Our motto is "Love Looe" and that is what we do.

A friend of mine made the observation that it is a quaint town with close buidings, but there is so much more to Looe than just the buidings or even the sea and the industry built up around it. There are real people here with real issues of life, there are the young, the adults and the now not as young as they once were! All of whom make up the people of Looe and with that there are many opportunities to show our love to the people. The best way to do this we believe is to love them as Jesus Christ loves people. He loves people so much that His desire is to bring as many as answer His call into a living relationship with God. When people are in a Godly relationship then I believe that the community benefits. Maybe I will write again about how that was clearly seen at the great times of revival especially in Wales. But that is for another time. The pictures below shows something of the beauty of the town of Looe.

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