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Monday, 9 September 2013

2 nights at Sinai.

I have never had the urge to go to the historical bible places and probably if I did go would not really enjoy the experience. Therefore the prospects of going to Sinai do not really thrill me. It is not about where God has worked in the past that is important but what He is doing today with His people.
I just happened to stumble across Sinai House in Lynton as I searched through the "cheap deals" for a couple of nights away before the Autumn sets in. I have never visited Lynton before and have heard many of Pam's stories of family holidays in the area. From the stories I know of past disasters in the town and also of the Valley of the Rocks which I am keen to explore. I therefore booked in and have now spent one night in a delightful guest house with equally delightful hosts; Debbie and Nigel.(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

The Green House Restaurant in Lynton was recommended as a nice place to eat and so we trecked (yes I mean trecked: Barbican Hill in Looe has nothing on Sinai Hill!!) down to the restaurant where we had my belated birthday meal. Pam enjoyed duck whilst I had Lobster and prawn salad. It was my first sampling of Lobster and I am glad that the poor critter made the ultimate sacrifice for my benefit.

After a good night's sleep I woke up (after 9 hours uninterrupted sleep: yes 9 hours folks) and opened the curtains to see this:

We are now in our 40th year of marriege and have said numerous times that "one of these days" we would go Lynton.

For 20 years in Ogmore-by-Sea we looked across the water to the 2 parallel lines of lights of Lynton and Lynmouth and often said "one of these days!2 we will go over and look back. Now here we are it is "one of those days" and we look back to many fond memories as we think of great friends and neighbours.

We pray for the church that the Lord has called together in that beautiful place and miss them greatly but here we are in another of those days of God's good grace where we can enjoy all that he has given us. Watersmeet, Valley of the Rocks, Lynmouth here I come for my day out and to cap it all the sun is shining, despite our weather forecasters best efforts to change it.

ONE OF THESE DAYS here I come.

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